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Our venture drew us to Japan: A place filled with generational knowledge in both their culinary traditions and tea cultivation. Japanese producers are masters of subtle and precise, yet distinct flavors and aromas. Our goal was to find teas that were familiar, but also surprising. That led us to the hills of Kyoto. For nearly a milenia the unique soil and numerous sunlight days have encouraged singular processing techniques and taste profiles. 

The farmers that we have partnered with from this area have carried on traditions and practices that have been passed on to them for seven generations and were some of the first to pivot to fully organic farming in the late 1970s. The care and intention that is taken with their land is on full display with their Genmaicha which has a buttery sweetness that can be drunk any time of day, hot or cold. This staple green tea cannot be missed. 

The matcha that we found here is the same product that has been here since the mid-1800s, when our partners began stone grinding vibrant, first-plucked green leaves. It is consumed whole in a delicious umami-filled tea that we drink every single day alone or with milk. Long story short, Japanese green tea has helped us build daily practice around tea and for that we are grateful.

Teas from Japan: Matcha, Genmaicha