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Every day we find ourselves grateful to live in a state so rich with local farmers who grow such amazing, organic products. And when we started dreaming up our herbal blends, it was natural to look around at our community and take inspiration from what they were growing in our own backyards. Our goal was to have a piece of Oregon in each one of our herbal teas and we are so thankful that we found local farming partners to make that possible.

The farm that started it all is Rise Up Remediesa women-owned, women-operated organic herbal farm just a few miles outside of Portland. These badass ladies started growing a huge variety of herbs in bulk to be dried or used fresh for teas, medicines, tinctures, and salves. Growing and drying herbs at such a scale is difficult and not cheap, which is why many tea companies based in the US usually source their herbs from abroad. One rarely comes across American farms that solely focus on herbs, and when you do, you know that the farmers do it for the love of the plants.

The dried herbs that we source from Oregon are grown seasonally. The ones we select for our blends possess a liveliness that can be sampled in every brew. A pronounced flavor intensity and full body can only come from high-quality dried herbs, not the stale variety commonly found on dusty shelves. Once you taste one of our freshly dried herbal blends, there will be no going back.

Teas from Oregon: Organic Tulsi Blend, Organic Hibiscus Blend, Iced Hibiscus