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Organic Genmaicha


Genmaicha is a tea born out of need and practicality. Japanese farm workers would serve this tea made of sencha stems blended with roasted, popped rice to nourish themselves throughout the day. It is a tea meant to go well with food and also to soothe an empty stomach. Often drunk in the morning, this deliciously savory and fresh green tea is a staple among Japanese households. It is one of our favorite green teas and are very excited to be offering  it in the True Tea line up. 

Region: Yuyadani Valley, Ujitawara Town, Kyoto

Tasting Notes: Lemon, wet stone 

Ingredients: Green Tea* & Roasted Rice* |  *= certified organic 

Drink Me When: Genmaicha is high in non-soluble fiber, making it perfect to drink after any meal to aid in digestion. 

Hot Brew Instructions: 5g | 185 F | 4 minutes | 350 mL

Health Benefits: Balances blood sugar, rich in minerals and antioxidants

Organic Genmaicha