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Diaspora Co.

India | Oregon | Japan | Malawi | Taiwan

Every once in a while you are lucky enough to find something or someone that inspires you so deeply that it changes the way you view the world. For True Tea, we found that world changing inspiration in Diaspora Co and it’s founder Sana Javeri Kadri. In her early 20’s, Sana set forth to create an equitable vision of the spice trade in India by decolonizing commodity spice farming. She partners with small farmers and the Indian Council of Agricultural Research to help rediscover pathways of sustainable agriculture. This direct trade model that Diaspora Co has built not only supports the farmers themselves but also the prosperity of the communities that surround them. 

It was with this company in mind that we started to really think about how we would approach sourcing our tea. Like spices, tea has a very turbulent history with colonial estate structures that rely on the exploitation of land and people. And shadows of this history still haunt tea farms all over the world. When we look for farming partners today, we are very intentional about how they not only farm their tea, but also who they are supporting in the process. 

The care and intention of farmers can be tasted in their products and Diaspora Co. turmeric is the pinnacle of flavor. Turmeric traditionally is described as ‘earthy’ but this turmeric explodes with a tropical fruit sweetness and is so bright and floral that even a sniff will make your mind travel to the fresh spice stalls in India. 

We are so thankful for this partnership and the work of Sana and her company. We cannot wait for what is to come as Diaspora Co. grows.

Diaspora Co. Turmeric is the primary component in our Golden Milk.