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We had heard rumors of a tea farm in Malawi that produced some of the best tea coming out of the region. The farmers are known to experiment with ancient tea bushes that grow in red clay soil. Much like coffee or wine, the tea plant is enhanced by the confluence of soil, aspect (which direction it faces), and weather, which is known as terroir. The water-retention properties of the local clay make tea leave cultivation possible in this otherwise semi-arid climate. And when we imagined our Breakfast Blend and what we wanted it to be, we went searching for this farm to find a tea that gave our blend a lingering body that could withstand milk and sugar but also be so palatable that it could be enjoyed on its own.  

We were thrilled to discover that the rumors were true and from this tea that exhibits both honey and earth, we found the perfect match for the floral Darjeeling tea from the tropical forests of West Bengal. This combination of two opposites is what makes the process of finding and working with our producers so exciting. Two small farms that exist half a world away from one another, but are equally passionate about both their product, community and land can be highlighted together in one delicious experience.

Teas from Malawi: Breakfast Blend