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We proudly partner with a Certified Organic tea estate located in the Darjeeling District of West Bengal, nestled under the Himalayan mountain range, on a 12,000 acre wooded property; home to not only tea but organic sustenance farming plots, elephants and wild jaguars. This diverse and gorgeous plot of land has been owned and run by three generations of women who have passed down the trade of tea making and community building to their daughters. 

This tea estate takes active steps to mitigate climate change and protect the endangered Asian Elephant. The first large tea estate in the world to get the Certified Elephant Friendly tag.

An anomaly in the world of Indian tea which frequently has women picking tea, but does not allow for them to step into leadership or owner roles, this farm has prioritized cultivating women into positions of power. When we found this farm after months of trying to find a women owned estate throughout India and Eastern Asia, we were excited and hopeful. But once we tasted the tea, that is when we knew that True Tea had found its footing and anything was possible. The teas are delicately complex in flavor, yet hearty in body and smell like the tropical forests that grow among the tea leaves. Its rich soil gives the tea a naturally sweet disposition and you need to add little to nothing in order to make this tea sing. 

Teas from India: Organic Earl Grey, Organic Himalayan 2nd Flush, Breakfast Blend, West Jalinga Iced