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A Day In The Life Of A Tea Farmer: Yuta Nagatani

Nestled in the hills of Kyoto are beautiful rolling green fields of tea leaves. The Uji region has produced various Japanese green teas for thousands of years, thanks to its climate and terrain that provide the ideal growing conditions needed to cultivate this essential crop. True Tea’s collection of loose-leaf green teas comes exclusively from the Natagani family: multi-generational tea farmers who have been cultivating green teas on this land for well over a century. 



Our beloved farmer, Yuta, gave us a peek into what his life is like running the farm. His family puts a tremendous amount of care and expertise into their teas and their organic farming practices. The results speak for themselves: our Sencha, Genmaicha, and Gyokuro teas are a decadent experience in every cup!


Tell us about how you begin your day

I wake up at 6:30 every morning. After brushing my teeth and getting ready, I take a walk to the tea garden, where I do some light stretching and deep breathing. After returning from a walk, I enjoy fruit and tea for breakfast. 

What is your first task when you get to the farm?

During the new tea season, I carefully observe the growth of the buds. Tea grows quite quickly in one day! It's difficult to describe, but the taste of tea becomes tough when it grows too much, so it's important to judge the appropriate harvest time.



Who do you work alongside at the farm?

I manage the tea farm in cooperation with my grandfather, grandmother, and cousins.



What kinds of tasks do you perform throughout the day?

Much of the time spent in the field is spent pulling out weeds in the summer. As this is an organic tea farm, chemicals such as herbicides are not used. There is no spraying, so everything is done by hand. Other than that, use fertilizers (all organic) at the right time. If an organic tea farm is properly managed, the quality of the tea will be excellent! :) 

After all that hard work, how do you end the day?

After work, I often go running with my younger brother. I drink warm hojicha to relax before bed.

What do you love the most about being a tea farmer?

It's good to have a sense of coexistence with nature. I am glad that I am now able to try to live a life that is more considerate of nature.



Tell us something you wish people more knew about tea

This is my personal opinion, but I think that most people living in modern society, including Japanese people, live a hectic life. I think adding time to enjoy tea to your days will help you relax and make your life a little richer. It's also fun to choose tea according to your mood and physical condition at the time.



Okay, last question! What’s your favorite green tea?

It's hard to choose one, but Organic Gyokuro is my favorite. In the summer, I make iced tea and take it to the tea garden!

Thanks, Yuta!

We are so unbelievably grateful and proud to partner with the Nagatani family. Not only is their tea amazing, but they are incredibly kind and a joy to work with. Their 2024 harvest is headed our way soon, and we can’t wait to share the unique experience of drinking fresh tea leaves with you. Stay tuned for a special launch announcement...

Did you know? The high chlorophyll content of the tea leaves gives Gyokuro its deep green tones. Known as "jade dew", this green tea is a special and unique variety with a rich herbal and umami flavor. Discover the ritual of drinking this highly sought after tea here.